Saturday, February 14, 2015

Attacking the truth

When I started researching the validity of how the US Income tax is applied, there were several websites that had different pieces of the puzzle. That was back in 2001 or so. Now, most of those websites are gone. They were essentially shut down by the government, since they have a vested interest in trying to maintain the status quo.

I have since discovered that similar tactics are used in other arenas, not just taxes. They don't really attempt to discuss the truth or merits of someone's argument, since they've discovered how to control people through emotional manipulation, and plain old bullying.

About three years ago I realized the food I was eating was making me ill, so I cut out gluten. That helped, but I was still having issues. Long story short, I found out that certain food additives were also a problem, and they're in almost every pre-packaged food product. A few months ago I started reading the "Food Babe" blog, since it deals with this topic. I wanted to link a recent article from that blog, since it talks about bullying tactics being used to try to silence the truth about the food industry.

The article is titled: Why Are We Being Attacked? ... Here is the opening paragraph, please visit the site to read the whole thing, and while you're at it, look at the report that's linked, as well.

Recently an activist friend reached out to me in desperation looking for advice, counsel and support. My friend is being attacked, threatened, cyber-bullied and harassed because of her recent critical work in exposing Monsanto’s glyphosate in popular food products that children eat. Unfortunately, I know all too well what’s happening to her because it’s happening to me too. This is why I think it’s absolutely critical for us to stick together and not be afraid to tell the truth. These bullies want to intimidate us into submission. They want us to be too scared to write, investigate and share our findings. So scared, that we quit.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Recent news about "global warming" a fabrication?

I recently heard news stories about a report that alleges that the month of June 2014 was the warmest on record, and I don't recall if the news said that was for global temperatures or just for the U.S. At any rate, I thought it was odd, since locally at least that wasn't the case.

When I sometimes watch the weather on the news, they give the dates of historical highs and lows for the day -- and usually the record high dates were from decades ago. However I knew other parts of the country were much warmer, so I sort of shrugged it off and believed they were working with correct data.

Now I'm reading an article that says it might pay to be skeptical of such claims, so I wanted to mention it here. While this blog may be called "tax honesty", and I haven't actually posted much about taxes here, it's all part of the same pattern. Some (many) people find it nearly impossible to believe that those in positions of authority would intentionally lie to them.

Here's a link to the article, titled:

Global warming data FAKED by government ...

And here's one of the initial paragraphs from the article:

Now, in what might be the largest scientific fraud ever uncovered, NASA and the NOAA have been caught red-handed altering historical temperature data to produce a “climate change narrative” that defies reality. This finding, originally documented on the Real Science website, is detailed here. We now know that historical temperature data for the continental United States were deliberately altered by NASA and NOAA scientists in a politically-motivated attempt to rewrite history and claim global warming is causing U.S. temperatures to trend upward. The data actually show that we are in a cooling trend, not a warming trend (see charts below).

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Just because you're paranoid ....

As the saying goes, "just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you."

I just ran across this article, and since it talks about something I used to experience many years ago, I thought I'd link to it here.

Back around 10 to 12 or so years ago, I was spending a good amount of time on Yahoo groups and some other message boards that discussed the "tax honesty" movement. I stopped visiting them because it became an exercise in futility. I discovered that there were many who didn't want to do their own research, they just wanted a "cookie cutter" method to get the IRS off of their back. There is no such thing, imho.

Then there were the trolls, those that wanted to nitpick every thing you wrote, or discredit some of the leaders of the tax honesty movement. Reading this article reminded me of that time. It gets so you don't know who to trust, so I decided to trust no one. In that respect, they won.

Here's the first paragraph of the article, which is titled "The Conspiracy Theory is True...":
In the annals of internet conspiracy theories, none is more pervasive than the one speculating paid government plants infiltrate websites, social network sites, and comment sections with an intent to sow discord, troll, and generally manipulate, deceive and destroy reputations. Guess what: it was all true. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Joe Banister shares birthday and anniversary news

I'm on Joe Banister's email list (the link to his website is over on the side), and I thought I'd post this one here. I'm leaving off most of the footer information that's usually in his emails. The email was dated Feb. 25, 2013.

Former IRS Special Agent Reflects On Shared Birthday With Income Tax
Dear Friends,
Although not widely publicized in the past, I learned during the early phase of my investigation into the federal income tax system that I have the dubious "honor" of sharing the same birth date as our contemporary federal income tax system.
February 25th has been a pivotal date not only in my own life but in the lives of every single American that has lived since the dawn of the 20th century.  Let us take a closer look, in chronological order, at what that date has meant to me during my lifetime as well as the founding and ongoing cover-up of the horrible injustice that is the federal income tax system in America.
On February 25th, 1913, U.S. Secretary of State Philander Knox issued his formal certification enabling the 16th Amendment to become officially and formally part of the U.S. Constitution. Fifty years later, to the day, on February 25th, 1963, I was born in San Jose, California.  Eighty-six years later, to the day, February 25th, 1999, after having served approximately five and one-half years as an Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division Special Agent, I resigned from the IRS after having confronted my IRS supervisors with evidence that the federal income tax was being administered and enforced beyond what the law and Constitution authorized.  One hundred years later, to the day, February 25th, 2013, I give thanks to God that I can celebrate my fiftieth birthday but I must also painfully acknowledge the 100-year "birthday" of the nightmarish federal income tax apparatus that continues to haunt the American people.
My intention in writing to you to today is not to provide a definitive exegesis addressing all of the ills of the federal income tax system.  I will not at this time be addressing the fraudulent ratification of the 16th amendment nor will I be addressing the lies that the Internal Revenue Service has told the American public about the constitutional definition of the term "income" nor the suspicious refusals to dialogue with me when opportunities came about nor the fact that the IRS's own internal structure provides further proof that the agency has been lying to the American people for decades about their federal income tax obligations nor the minefield prepared for Americans who question the boundaries of IRS authority and/or IRS tactics.  No, listing and describing the horrible ramifications of the system "born" on this day 100 years ago could fill many volumes and is way beyond the scope of this brief birthday message to my friends.
I can only write to encourage you to verify the facts for yourself and then disseminate those facts to your fellow Americans as widely and rapidly as possible.  I believe the facts will lead you to conclude, as I have concluded, that federal government legislators and bureaucrats lied to the American people in order to usher in the 16th (income tax) Amendment in the first place.  I believe the facts will lead you to further conclude, as I have concluded, that legislators and bureaucrats throughout the past 100 years, along with a willing and complicit "mainstream" media, have continued to perpetrate numerous other deceits and fraudulent machinations to fool unsuspecting Americans into believing the level of authority the IRS exercises is the level of authority granted to it by the Constitution and the law.  In short, the IRS takes advantage of the American public's trust and limited knowledge about income taxation restrictions in order to protect various lies and deceits that are now as much as 100 years old.
If the federal government can deceive out of you and/or steal from you a penny or a dollar, they can deceive or steal all of your property.  And if the federal government and complicit state governments can steal from or unjustly accuse any of your fellow Americans, they will eventually get around to stealing from or unjustly accusing you.
I hope you will dedicate yourself to work for honesty in taxation, especially income taxation, and help me diminish and one day stop IRS persecutions that have been visited upon our fellow Americans.  I have dedicated myself to doing so.  I am not even asking (and actually would discourage) you to battle with the IRS one on one.  You can simply spread the word quietly and politely, but fervently, to your fellow Americans and encourage them to see how we all have been lied to for now these 100 years.
I offer my sincerest gratitude to all who have prayed for me and supported me in other ways these past 14 years (from my February 25th, 1999 IRS resignation date through today). Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you. Although quite a bit more white hairs are found on my head these days, I will do my best to continue "fighting government bullies" as I have done since 1999.
Warmest Regards,
Joe Banister

Monday, November 19, 2012

Why don't attorneys help get IRS personnel prosecuted?

I just read an article that's a few years old, by someone I follow on Twitter, with the same title as this article. It fits in nicely with the topic of this blog, so I thought I'd link to it and quote a few sentences below.

Do you recognize this phrase: “…ordinary people can understand what conduct is prohibited and in a manner that does not encourage arbitrary and discriminatory enforcement.“? If we must wait until we are in front of a judge to find out whether our conduct is conformed to the law, what is that telling us about the Code? If on a whim, an IRS agent can disallow our deductions 4-7 years after the fact resulting in a bunch of penalties and interest, what is that telling us about the Code? ...
What does the fact that there is a 50/50 chance of prevailing which depends upon who is sitting in the Court at the time your petition for cert arrives tell us about the Code, IRS, and the judiciary?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Asleep at the wheel

I wanted to share an article I found on the Andrew Wommack Ministries website, titled: Christians: Citizens and Disciples. I chose the title 'Asleep at the wheel' because I believe that's what the Christian church has been. It boggles my mind sometimes, how much lies and fraud have increased in this country over the last 30 years or so.

I think part of the reason for that is because of the Reformed / Calvinistic world-view that seems to dominate in many areas, which says that 'nothing happens unless it's God's will'. I've written a little bit about that on my other blog.

Here are a couple of paragraphs from the article linked above, just to give you an idea what it's about:

Yet, as a whole, the church responded by promoting political involvement as the answer to society’s woes. Make no mistake—Christians who live in a country that provides them the freedom to govern through voting or holding political office have a responsibility to participate. However, for many, politics has not been a weapon against the moral decline; it has been the only weapon.
Our society isn’t sick because of the government; it’s sick because the church has not made faith in the teaching of the Bible “practically universal in our country.” Once we cease to win the hearts of man, it is inevitable that ungodly people will make their way into leadership and take the country with them. 

If we change people’s hearts with the Gospel, the people will change the government with their votes. Government merely reflects what people believe in their hearts; it does nothing to form those beliefs. William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania, wrote in the late 1600s, “Government seems to me to be a part of religion itself…. Let men be good, and the government cannot be bad.”

I somewhat disagree with the contention that the Government does nothing to form people's beliefs. I believe there is a faction that has done their level best to get their agenda into the public schools, which goes a long way to helping people form their beliefs. Not to mention government influence on the media, and vice versa.

Overall I think it's a very good article, with a good amount of historical quotes added to give context.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Jerry Day on the CAFR swindle

Here's a good video that runs about 15 minutes about the CAFR. If you're  not familiar with the CAFR, visit here: or